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my name is Alwin Hardenbol and I am a photographer that specialises in fine-art images of nature. At the age of 13 my passion for nature began when I got into birdwatching through an uncle of mine. Two years later I received a DSLR camera with a lens as a gift from my family since I seemed to be very interested in photographing birds. Right they were, as many years later, this passion has developed into something much bigger. Now at the age of 30 I have won several awards and I frequently publish articles with my pictures and texts in various European magazines (see below). Furthermore, I studied ecology and specialised in nature conservation, recently acquiring a PhD in forest ecology in which I researched contemporary nature conservation issues in old-growth forests.

I hope you enjoy my images and I urge you to feel free to contact me for any matter relating to photography or nature. Thank you for your visit and I hope you check back from time to time to see my latest images. Please do consider supporting me via the purchase of a print or attending one of my workshops. For more information about me (only available in Dutch), you can also visit this link to read an interview with me.

Alwin Hardenbol

Fine-art images of nature


Category winner “Relationships in Nature” in the 2022 BMC Ecology and Evolution competition

Category 3rd place “General” in the 2021 Vogelwarte competition

Overall winner in the 2020 British Ecological Society competition

Runner-up in the 2020 FotoAves competition

Overall winner in the 2019 Euronatur competition

Category 2nd place “Action” in the 2019 Vogelwarte competition (same picture as above)

Category winner “Ecology and Environmental Science” in the 2018 Royal Society competition

Category winner “25 years and under” in the 2018 Roots competition

Finalist in the 2018 Outdoor Photographer of the Year competition


Three publications pending in Luontokuva (Finnish) for 2023

Single picture with text in Outdoor Photography in December 2022

Publication pending in Luontokuva (Finnish) for December 2022

Berry good” in Roots (Dutch) in December 2022 (with front cover)

The essentials to bird portraits” in Luontokuva (Finnish) in August 2022

Single picture with text in Outdoor Photography in August 2022

How to take artistic images of birds” in Luontokuva (Finnish) in February 2022

How to do well in photography competitions” in Linnut (Finnish) in March 2022

Single picture with text in Outdoor Photography in August 2019


Nikon Z9 & D500

Nikon 500mm f/4 (latest version)

Nikon 80-400mm (latest version)

Nikon 1.4x extender (latest version)

Sigma 105mm

Sigma 18-35mm

Feisol tripod & Jobu gimbal head

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