Winter workshop
around joensuu, finland

I love photographing in Finnish winter and I can offer you a workshop with some splendid bird species at this time of year. There are opportunities for White-throated Dippers, Siberian Jays, different Owl species, different Woodpecker species, different Tit species, and potentially Bohemian Waxwings to name but a few. Upon inquiry for a winter workshop under my guidance, I will inform you about what species are currently available and then we can decide together what species you would be most interested in.

Concerning lenses, you would, preferably, have at least a 300 mm lens. Small lenses (even wide-angle lenses) can be used for some bird species like Siberian Jays, but they can be very skittish so mirrorless bodies or bodies with a true silent mode are advised for those type of pictures. Having a tripod and/or beanbag is also recommended.

Concerning clothing, be well prepared! I will inform you about the conditions upon inquiry of this workshop, but typically, you can expect at least -15 degrees Celsius. Under any circumstance, waterproof clothing is necessary.

Food and drinks can be arranged upon request.

Below you can find a contact form which you can use to contact me if you are interested in this workshop. Keep in mind once more that I only offer this workshop during weekends for either 1 or 2 days.

Price for 1 person:

160 euros for 1 whole day (Saturday or Sunday)

300 euros for 2 whole days (Weekend)

Price for a group of 2 people or more:

140 euros for 1 whole day per person (Saturday or Sunday)

250 euros for 2 whole days per person (Weekend)

+358 (0)40 5808 604

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