I currently offer full-day workshops any day of the week. I live in the city of Joensuu, and so I am most familiar with photographing birds and other wildlife in this region. However, I am able to travel to other places in Finland upon request and find out whether there are photography subjects in that region to teach you with.

What can I offer?

With nearly 15 years of experience in nature photography and with several awards to my name, I offer guidance in taking better pictures of nature. With an expertise in birds, I also focus on bird photography in my currently offered workshops. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, I will certainly be able to teach you something new, as every photographer has his/her own style. We can cover topics ranging from, for example, proper exposure, to composition, creating artistic images, and approaching bird species.

Currently I only have a winter workshop available, but I will be offering summer workshops and guided tours in the near future. Potential destinations for guided tours are Finnish Lapland and Varanger in Norway, Fuerteventura in Spain, Scotland, and Northern Greece with which I am all already intimately familiar.

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